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Friday, October 25, 2013

Imprinting, Failure and Growth

APBC - Authentic ParentingThe Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival, co-hosted by Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children and Laura at Authentic Parenting, is hosting a blog hop this month on Traditions and Legacies. As we’re slowly heading up to the holiday season, we’re thinking about what traditions – old or new – we pass on and what we want to leave behind. What do we want our children to remember? What do we want them to carry out into the world? Simply add your post, new or old, to the convenient linky tool below before November 29, 2013. What do we want to leave behind, that's part of the question today for the Authentic Parenting Blog Linky.


As a parent I think a lot about what my children will take with them throughout life by the way they were parented, the good and the bad... Will they feel loved and worthy? Or will they pick up on negative beliefs?
Will they take on my restlessness? His messiness? Or my creativity and his problem solving skills?

It can be overwhelming to thing of the massive impact you as a parent have on your child. I have found that it's best to focus on the positive, on the growth, on the things you are doing that will have a positive lasting impact. The memories you make that will be fondly remembered when they grow up. The time spent just looking into each other's eyes. The joy.

Whenever I get sucked into a negative thought spiral, when my parenting wasn't up to the mark, I snap myself out of it by considering all of the good things I've done for my kids, all of the ways I showed them my love.
I've learned not to focus on big ways of making it up to my kids when I fail as a parent, I apologise and then try to find ways to be better at it on a daily basis. Small ways, not grand gestures.
Being more responsive. Hugging them even when I'm stressed and frustrated. Taking the time to lie with them when they wake up and when they fall asleep.

They may indeed not be the grand things they will remember, but they will have the most shaping impact.

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