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Monday, October 28, 2013

How to Cultivate Joy This Holiday Season

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written by Jen Hoffman

While it's supposed to be one of the happiest seasons, I often feel more stress than joy in November and December. I desperately want this Holiday Season to be different. I want to close out this year with remarkable joy. I long to begin 2014 not with a resolve for less stress, but a well established habit of joy.

I used to think feeling happy was a matter of choice. I mistakenly thought I just needed to make a simple declaration, "I choose to be happy."

But, I'm discovering that we can't choose feelings. Instead, we choose our thoughts and the feelings arise. If I want to change my feelings, I have to change my thoughts. I need to carefully cultivate the ground from which my feelings arise.

My yoga mat is the perfect place to tend that ground. The practice of restorative yoga and deep relaxation provide a unique opportunity to grow joy-producing thoughts. If I am going to have a joyous Holiday Season, I must carve out time for rest that I remain awake and alert to observe.

But, particularly at this time of year, I find it difficult to just lay down on my mat and relax. I need to prepare my body and my mind for rest with active yoga first. So, I also need to set aside time for the physical release of tension through asana.

This Holiday Season, I’m going to let joy arise on my yoga mat with some hard work followed by deep rest. Would you like to join me? Are you willing to set aside 40 minutes a few times a week to tend the ground from which your feelings arise?

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Let’s do some yoga together! I’ll be in my living room. Meet me in yours, okay?

About the author
Jennifer Hoffman is not your average yogi. A public accountant turned certified yoga instructor, Jen now balances an active practice with her busy life as a yoga teacher, blogger, mother, and wife. The key to this balance is simple: Jen lives life with intention. She teaches virtual yoga classes at At, she encourages her readers to live with intention, writing with a heart for whole and healthy lives on parenting, faith, relationships, and, of course,yoga. She is also the host of the Intentional Chatter Podcast. She relies on her husband Derek to keep their two lovely children – and two furry Labradors – off camera through Namaste.


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