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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

London with Kids: Tower of London

On the first day of our London trip, we visited the Tower of London, which is actually more than one tower, and a couple of castle like buildings and some squares and then some...
We spend two hours walking around and ended our visit watching one of the live interactive plays they put on.

Lots of stairs and pretty hot outside, so we were exhausted after those two hours. Had I known, we might have picked a bit of a fresher day to visit, because after two hours, I think we didn't even see half of it. The tower has something for everyone: animals, torture devices, theatrical reenactments, historical settings, armour and cannons, several bars and shops and right now the crown jewels as a temporary exhibition.
The site is stunning, breathtaking, every turn of a corner is a new surprise.

Several thumbs up for the extreme cleanliness of the bathrooms and the drinking fountain!! We also got a very tasty ice cream on site after doing all those stair in the royal armoury!

The only downside to the visit was that the tour of the white tower ended in the gift shop and that resulted in some issues with our oldest. It goes to say that they o have really cool merchandise but sadly a bit too gendered!
Also not so stroller friendly (but there is a stroller 'parking' if you walked over and are looking for a safe spot to keep it).

Official site

Free under 5, between 10.75£ and 21.45£ over 16. They also have family rates
You get a small discount when buying tickets online
Free with the London Pass
Getting there:
tube: tower hill
other means of transport

Nearby attractions
Just next to the Tower of London is the Tower Bridge, one of London's most beautiful bridges
When getting out of the underground at Tower hill, take the steps to the right for an amazing view on the Tower and a beautiful sundial, explaining the history of London. Amazing little learning experience for the kids

Have you visited London with kids? Share some of your favourite spots in the comments below.



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