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Monday, August 26, 2013

What is Montessori? - 6 Mindful Learning Ressources

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Montessori is probably one of the schooling styles that leans closest to unschooling as is possible in a
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schooled environment. But what is Montessori really?

The Montessori learning style was developed by Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator. When teaching children in a mental institution, she found out that with an individualised, and free approach, children learned more than with a traditional approach.
Some of the basic premises of Montessori education are that children are respected as individuals. The approach esteems the child's unique ability for learning from his environment and sees the first six years of life as the most important.

A couple of essentials of a Montessori classroom are:
  • mixed age classrooms
  • child chooses his activity
  • uninterrupted blocks of work time of approximately 3 hours
  • a constructivist model of learning, where children learn directly from materials, not from instruction (experience/play based learning)
  • freedom of movement
  • specialised learning materials developed by Montessori and her team
  • a Montessori trained teacher
Even though the Montessori approach is essentially a schooling philosophy, it is perfectly adaptable to homeschooling and can bring useful insights for unschoolers.


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