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Monday, August 12, 2013

Mom Blogs VS. Dad Blogs

Him vs. Her. Mom vs. Dad. It is something we are used to seeing in so many aspects of life; in the kitchen, in the career stakes and even when it comes down to who is the best parent.
Well, one interesting twist on this age old battle of the sexes is now being waged online. The battle between Mom blogs and Dad blogs is one of the most interesting internet phenomenons of recent years but who is best?

The Variety

One huge advantage that Mom blogs have is that there are more of them around. This means that if you want to read an article written on a certain subject or in a certain style you have more chance of finding one written by a mother. Of course, the guys are catching up, as more and more of us decide that we have something to say on this subject. This relative lack of Dad blogs on the internet means that new ones tend to get more credit than another new Mom one being added to a crowded market would get. New male bloggers may find that it is perhaps easier to get a foothold in the Dad blogging world than Mom bloggers find it. However, new, high quality blogs are always going to get a great reception no matter who writes them.

The Angles

While we don’t want to generalise, perhaps the best way of summing this up is to say that Dads often write like someone who is experiencing a new and completely unexpected way of life, while women usually write about parenthood as though it is a normal part of life. Looking after the kids and telling the world about it is new to a lot of fathers and there can’t be many of us around who were brought up mainly by our fathers and who are carrying on with this tradition. However, the ladies, on the other hand instinctively tap into a long history of motherhood which goes back thousands of years. This means that Moms often write blog posts which are more genuinely insightful about the art of parenting, while the Dads tend to write in a wide-eyed wondrous kind of way about the newness of it all. Both of these approaches can be exciting to read and that is part of the reason why the internet is such a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to read about bringing up kids.

The Humour

The best thing about many Mom and Dad blogs is the amount of humour which the bloggers manage to inject into them. Bringing up children is something which is likely to inspire you to laugh or to bring you out in tears at one time or another, so it is just as well that the best parenting bloggers all know when it is best to laugh at their misfortunes. It is hard to find a difference between Mom and Dad bloggers in this respect, so it seems best to just enjoy the funny things which they post regardless of the gender of the poster.

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