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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bomb Your Artwork

Written by Iyas

I've been guilty of it. Collecting every piece of "art" that my kids bring
home, and storing it in a vault that could easily house enough grain to feed a province in China. I just don't have the heart to throw it away. I've needed to depend on my wife, who has figured out that our love for our children is NOT in direct proportion to how many of their masterpieces we store, and who is therefore merciless with all but the best art, or ones that have some kind of meaningful milestone or emotion attached.
Which is why I found this activity so therapeutic. We get our kids to create art, then drench it with water-balloons so there's little trace of it ever having existed. And they love doing it, and bear me no ill for not holding on to it!
And that, in summary, is this month's guest activity from Freaky Rivet. Here's a video of how we did it.

As if you need them, here are the instructions for this one.
Kit list:
  • About a dozen water balloons;
  • Some pavement / sidewalk chalk in different colours;
  • A mop (for the kids) to clean up the mess!
  • A good book for you to read while they're out and at it :)
  1. Fill up some water balloons with your kids. Decide how long you want to leave your kids with this activity while you get some time to read in peace. If you plan to read Dostoevsky, get them to only half-fill the balloons as they are much more difficult to explode when half full:)
  2. Get the kids to draw something they really don't like on a safe concrete space - your own driveway would be perfect if you have one. Get them to really go to town here - as large as they can, detail, multiple colours, and so on. Then have them take a picture of it as a keepsake of what it looked like before they blatted it!
  3. Then have them stand back and throw the water balloons at it to explode. You can have them target strategic parts of the offending drawing for points, or just go for complete water drenching!
  4. Camera out and pictures again for a true before and after for them to show their friends.
That's it! Simple, and ridiculously fun!


Freaky Rivet was founded by Iyas, the author of this article and father of four, and Kevin, an ex-teacher of over a thousand children and who also runs activity days for schools. Iyas used to lead a business and technology consulting organisation of nearly 500 people, which he left for the bigger challenge of herding his four children with his wife around Latin America for 6 months. During this life-changing trip to recover from the corporate world, he discovered both the subtly addictive nature of gadgets and technology for children, and their ability to enjoy exploration, discovery and activity when peeled away from the technology. It was this eureka moment that led him with Kevin, an old friend from their time together at Oxford University, to come up with the Freaky Rivet concept - inviting children into a life of activity, of exploration and of discovery by using technology rather than fighting it. In his spare time (kidding, right?) he runs a charity for children living in disadvantaged and war-torn environments.



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