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Monday, August 19, 2013

5 Steps To Reduce Our Ecological Footprint

written by David

One of the major challenges of the world today is trying to reduce our impact on the environment. So how can we help? Here are a few things you can try at home; in the end it will also save you some money:

  1. Forget about energy saving light bulbs, switch to LED. Where in the past most of us used an energy saving bulb of 20 W, you can today replace it by a 5 W LED Bulb or spot. I can assure you, you will get enough light. We installed already some LED lights in our house and even find that the 5 W is giving too much light.
  2. Examine your old appliances and make a cost calculation. Let me give you an example: We have a fridge that consumes on average 1200 kwh per year. This is huge. Now if we buy a new energy efficient fridge, the average consumption will be around 450 kwh per year. The price for electricity here is about 20 USDcent per kwh. This means that when changing fridges, we would not only do well for the environment but also save 150 USD per year on our electricity bill.
  3. Buy a solar charger for all your battery operated stuff (cellphone, laptop, toys,…). A recent study of the Belgian government showed that if everyone in Belgium would do so, they could shut down a complete coal fired electricity plant!!!!
  4. 54% of the energy cost in a family in Belgium goes to heating. Needless to say that it is also a major point for improving our footprint. So try to insulate your house as good as possible and try to use natural elements such as hennep, wood fibers, hay,… Also use double or triple glazing on your windows.
  5. Try to minimize your water usage. You can do this by putting a filled water bottle or brick in your water recipient of the toilet. Every time you flush you could save around 1L of water. If you are a family you can save more than 1000L a year by this simple tip.

I hope this info will help you on your way to a smaller ecological impact.



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Image source By Janine from Mililani, Hawaii, United States (footprints  Uploaded by Fæ) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons



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