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Friday, June 28, 2013

My New Favorite Carrier - The Mei Tai

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My huz wearing my daughter on the back with the stretchy wrap
The first carrier I ever had was a stretchy wrap I had custom made for my husband (figuring that he would be the one using it most... I was wrong). As my daughter grew up, using the stretchy wrap for back wearing proved to be very difficult. It is very hard to put the child on the back on your own and the fabric doesn't support the child enough.

After a while, I moved to African style backcarry, where you use a beach towel sized piece of cloth and just wrap that around the child and your body. I really like this type of carrying, because you can use nearly any piece of sturdy cloth, like a towel, a scarf, a pareo... and whip that baby on your back. It's specifically handy in those situations where the child is cranky or tired or doesn't want to walk anymore and you didn't carry a carrier. we still use this type of carying often with my son, and even sling on my daughter (now 5) like this when she's too tired too walk, though I must say she's getting a little big for this.
african style babywearing (with a towel)

My son in the woven wrap
When my son was born, all of our baby stuff was still locked in a container somewhere from our move from Ivory Coast, and we had to get a new carrier. I ordered a custom mei tai, but it took a while to arrive and I wasn't sure if I would feel comfortable wearing him in it when he was tiny, so I also got a woven wrap. I'd wanted a woven wrap from when my daughter was about six months old. As I was used to a wrap, it seemed the easier way - I would still have to get used to the mei tai and how to tie it etc. 

I did use the mei tai when my son was small, and liked it, but switched back to the woven wrap throughout his first six months as I preferred how it sits when you carry your baby in the front compared to the mei tai. 
I only started using the mei tai again a couple months back. My son is now 17 months old and loves to go in the back. We walk a lot, to the pool, to friends... he loves to walk, but always seems to go in the opposite direction. The mei tai is easy to sling on, easy to get him out, it ties up quickly. I love it. It's also such a neat little package compared to the bulky woven wrap. Very easy for when we travel... which we do a  lot ;) I must say I am completely convinced now!

Sadly I don't have any pics using the mei tai yet, otherwise I'd throw one in for your enjoyment! What's your favorite carrier? 

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  1. My favorite carrier (right now) is our Beco Gemini - my husband and I can both use it. I'm loving a side/hip carry as it helps distribute the weight in a more comfortable way for me. Plus it makes for easy nursing.

    I've never been able to get the hang of wraps - I get so confused by the fabric!

    I had never thought about an African style carrier - what a great tip about using a towel (or something else on hand). I've filled it away in my mental 'things to remember' folder!

  2. The wraps--like the rebozo--can be a bit confusing to manage at first, but there is pleanty of time to get the hang of it and they have the added advantage of being lovely enough to use for years as shawls when baby is no longer wearable.

  3. I always thought that all that extra fabric hanging around from a woven wrap would drive me nuts. However, now in my last days of babywearing, I am beginning to think that I might have really loved it. Your post has helped to convince me! The towel is also a great idea.

    My favourite carrier has been the Beco Butterfly II. I have a tiny frame and this is the only conventional carrier that came close to fitting me properly. It just almost fits me perfectly. The fact that it is not a perfect fit seems to be just one more reason to go for a woven wrap!

  4. We love babywearing... Can't imagine life without it!

    Thanks for linking up at The Tuesday Baby Link Up!

  5. I love our Ergo, but I've been so interested in the mei tai - I may have to get one! I'm featuring the post in this weeks Tuesday Baby Link Up.


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