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Friday, June 21, 2013

Introducing New Affiliate Programs

As you might know, I run affiliate programs through this blog. This means that I sign up with brands or people selling certain products and get a commission when you buy through my link.
This is one of the ways we bloggers can earn a little money for all the hard work we put into our sites in order to bring content to you.

I recently added a couple new affiliate programs and wanted to let you know about them.

The Lefkoe Way offers audio kits and eBooklets about the belief shaping power you have as a parent. In these audios, Shelly Lefkoe tackles the recurrent issues parents face and investigates how these events shape our children's beliefs about themselves. Through role play assignments and self directed learning, the audios help you resolve conflict without undermining your child's self esteem. Find out all about their products here.

Freaky Rivet brings you weekly emails with activities to get your kids interact with nature instead of sitting indoors. From learning experiences to digging in the mud, an endless resource of activities that are fun and engaging but don't rely on technology. You can opt in through monthly subscription or an annual fee.


Parenting for Social Change
You may have read my raving review of Parenting for Social Change right about when the book came out (If you haven't maybe now's the time to do so!). I was very pleased to find out that Teresa had set up an affiliate program.
I *met* Teresa through her book, and even did some coaching with her when I was pregnant with my son. Her view on parenting and childhood is refreshingly respectful.
This book is steadily becoming a must read within gentle parenting circles and it sure is on the top of my list!

Cooking with Coconut Oil
I also signed up with Jennifer from Hybrid Rasta Mama's affiliate plan. Jennifer is a very busy bee and has written no less than three eBooks already! Two on coconut oil and one on making your own salves. Buy her books here.

You can find all of the affiliates I am part of in the sidebar of my blog. I only add affiliate programs I really believe in. I submit all products to review and scrutiny before recommending them to you through my site.

Enticed by these offers? Buying any of them generates a small income for me. My family is very grateful for this.



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