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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Introducing my First eBook: Mommy Overwhelm, A Holistic Approach to Parental Stress and Depression

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I am pleased to announce my First eBook as a part of the Mindful Parenting Bundle Sale.

I wrote "Mommy Overwhelm: A Holistic Approach to Parental Stress and Depression" based on
the massive response I got when I wrote the Mommy Overwhelm series on this blog. I was stunned to see how many parents had been going through the same ordeal, and how they too felt lost and disconnected.

This guide will help you get back on track, shake off the stress and feelings of despair and parent your child the way you want to, not the way your feelings (or lack thereof) dictate. It is designed to be a first step on a path to a better connection, a deeper awareness and a positivity in life.

Parents who are well rested and in good health don't perceive every day as a struggle. You can get
there too.

This book draws tips from an entire arsenal of resources such as herbalism, nutrition, meditation and many more. There is a way out of the stress and depression for everyone. You will be able to design your own healing path with the resources presented.

The book will also be available on Amazon, iBooks and all the big readers. I set the price at 2,99USD to make it accessible to everyone.

Buying this book as part of The Mindful Parenting Bundle gives you access to meditation tracks, stress relief tracks and guides to a playful and creative approaches to parenting, which will help you along the path away from your stress and depression.


Three amazing stress relief resources for parents:

  • Lifetime access to relaxation meditation on Presence Parenting, an ever growing collection of meditational tools
  • Audio download of Stress Relief for Parents by Genevieve Simperingham gives you 4 tracks to help you deal with parenting from day to day in a relaxed and composed manner
  • "Mommy Overwhelm" gives you the tools to keep stress at bay and heal from depression, holistically. 

The Mindful Parenting eBundle gives you access to 22 carefully selected parenting resources.This bundle is a one time opportunity, only available from May 28th to June 10th.

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