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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Listen - by Tara Wagner

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Guest post by Tara Wagner

Listen to him (but listen deeper than the words he uses). Listen to myself (and work to be aware of where my words and actions and reactions are coming from). Only by quieting what I think I know or think I hear and really listening deeper can I ever hope to meet both our needs in a way that respects each of us and our individual needs. It means slowing down. It means assuming I don't really know anything. It means not formulating my own response while he is talking, but really tuning in with the desire to understand this person.
You don't know jack. ;) And as soon as you think you do, Life will up the ante on you. Cultivate the "beginner's mind" and be willing to always be taught or surprised, because you will be anyway.


About Children and Food:
This mini-toolkit helps you recreate the whole family’s experience with food. No more fighting at
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  •  72 min audio: Describes the most important principles in raising healthy children and how to begin practicing them (Value: $200) 
  • 39 page workbook: Packed full of exercises to help you DIG IN and put new traditions and experiences into place (Value: $40) 
  • Covers everything from: how your experience with food affects your children and how to change that, how to meet the varying needs and tastes of the whole family without feeling like a “short order cook”, as well as tips, ideas, strategies, recipes, and more from me and other mindful mamas.


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  • Children and Food by Tara Wagner (The Organic Sister)
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