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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Perfectly Imperfect Art of Handmade

Written by Darcel

If someone would have told me 10 or even 5yrs ago that I would learn to knit and actually enjoy it, I would've rolled my eyes and laughed in their face. I thought doing things like sewing, crochet, embroidery and knitting were for old women to do in their rocking chairs. My mom can sew and crochet, her mom did the same....I'm sure it was something that's been passed down through the generations. I can admit when I'm wrong, sometimes. I learned to knit last year, I was 32 and have been in love every since. I learned from and YouTube videos. Many of my friends are very crafty and I love reading blogs by other crafty people. I can knit and crochet, but I prefer to knit....I like the feel of knitting and the way the stitches look.


Why didn't someone tell me how therapeutic knitting is!? I joke all the time that it's my therapy - but it really is. I love how my body relaxes and my mind starts to wander. The repetition and the feel of the yarn(especially if it's wool) gliding over my hands. Dare I say that knitting is almost as good as chocolate? I've come to many decisions after a good knitting session. I love how portable it is and if I don't get much of anything else done during the day, if I was able to get in a little knitting then I feel like I accomplished something.

My kids like to get in on the action every now and then. I made them a yarn basket filled with scrap yarn, crochet hooks and a set of knitting needles. My oldest daughter is eight and she prefers to crochet. At the moment she's still getting the hang of making a chain stitch. My middle child is five and she prefers to knit. This is the cast on method that works best for her. Both girls enjoy playing on the looms and finger knitting My 2yr old son enjoys jabbing the yarn with a giant crochet hook or cutting up the yarn with scissors. The girls get frustrated when they have to start over but I keep reassuring them that I have to start over after doing this for a year, and there are people who have been knitting for 20+ years that need to start over from time to time.

Last October I decided to open my store on Etsy after several people suggestion I give it a try as a way to make extra money. The process has been fun and challenging. I try to update the shop with new items once a week, and I'm looking forward to getting out to the Farmer's Markets and Craft Fairs this spring/summer. Anything you see in the shop can be custom made in your choice of colors...if there's something you don't see in the shop but would love to have I'm also open to doing customs that way as well. There's nothing like creating something for yourself or as a gift to someone with your own two hands. I get where the love for handmade comes in now, especially in this machine produced society we live in now. When something is handmade it's perfectly imperfect and I love that. Every person has their own style, their own process, and that's part of what makes handmade items so beautiful and treasured.


If you're thinking of taking up a hobby but your worried that you might be too old, or that something like knitting is for old women, I say give it a might surprise yourself. Knit and crochet is great for helping kids with fine motor skills, learning and working with math, children with Sensory Integration Disorder, relieving stress and anxiety in adults, and it's fun!


About the Author:
Darcel is a Mama to three children. She has a passion for and often writes about Motherhood, Birth, Breastfeeding and Unschooling.



  1. I learnt to knit recently too, I love the portable nature if it and that most projects you can pick up and put down easily. I wish I had learnt when my children were babies as I am currently knitting baby items for friends and family who are expecting this year they knit up so quickly!

  2. It's a great skill to have and something you can learn at any age. I also love having multiple projects going on at the same time.


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