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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Keep clutter away with a great bunk bed

Written by Camille

Bunk beds are very versatile pieces of furniture that work wonders for furnishing a shared space but are also great when used to keep a kid’s bedroom tidy. Although a bunk bed is generally the go-to-choice for parents when they have to accommodate two siblings in the same bedroom, there are now fabulous bunk designs that come with storage options, allowing you to make the most of a limited space.

Bunk Bed with storage
Look for a bunk bed with storage options such as shelves or drawers, as in the example above.Drawers are a great way to save space by expanding your storage space without compromising any more floor space. They allow you to tuck all the toys away underneath the bed leaving the space clear of clutter when playtime is over.

Three Sleeper Bunk Bed
If the space is very limited and the two kids are far apart in their ages, a three sleeper bunk bed is also a good choice. The top bed can accommodate a single bunk bed mattress whereas the bottom has a double mattress, offering a larger sleeping area for the older child. A three sleeper bunk bed also comes with more spacious drawers so that you can really make better use of the small bedroom space.

 L-shape twin sleeper
This type of bunk bed features a perpendicular arrangement of the bunks, allowing you to place a wardrobe or desk as well as a bed underneath the top bunk. This arrangement is perfect for two children close age sharing a room but also works well as a spare bed for friends staying the night.

 Futon Bunk Bed
Furnishing a kid’s bedroom with a futon bunk bed is one of the greatest space saving solutions. The space underneath the top bunk bed is used to accommodate a study space composed of a desk, a chair and a futon chair that can be turned into a bed when having friends to sleepover.

About the author
Camille is a home furniture enthusiast and is happy to share her decoration and home improvement ideas with the community of interior lovers. Camille is writing on behalf of Wedo, an online retailer specialising in beds and bedroom furniture.

Image source: Wickerfurniture



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