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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Self Care and Motherhood


Self care as a mother is very important. It equips you to deal with the daily stresses and conflicts with calm collectedness. Long relaxing baths are a great way to care for yourself.
So I set out to take a bath yesterday, my baby has been sick this week and the lack of sleep and frustration made me prone to a little pick me up.
I was aiming for this! (Source: o5com)
I ran the bath and went to use the loo. Baby waddled in with the dog. Turned the tap handle to cold, pushed the lever to put the water through the showerhead and 'washed' the dog with it, flooding the bathroom.
I got up from the toilet. Put the water back on the tap. Got undressed while trying to make sure the baby didn't slip on the slippery tiles.

I got into the bath - darn I forgot that the baby had turned the cold on! So I'm now sitting in cold water. I turn the hot and slide to the back to let the cold and hot mix.

The dog drinks from the water. I shoo her away.

Water has now reached a decent temperature and the bath is full. I can now relax.
I slide down to lie in the water.

Baby takes off his shirt and 'washes' it in the bath. We play with the sirt, washing it near my feet, then behind my back and so on. Then the baby takes the shirt and waddles over to the toilet with it. "No honey!" He gives me a big smile and dunks it in the toilet.
I forgot to flush as I had rushed to keep the bathroom from flooding.

"Leave it there!" He opens the toilet. "I'll get it out for you honey, that's yucky!" He looks into the toilet. "It's ok hun, I'll get it out". He closes the toilet again and waddles off.

I get back to the relaxation, slide into the water.

Two seconds later, I hear strange sounds. The dog is licking my hair. I shoo her away.
Baby came back too.
He pulls my nose with his sharp little nails (when am I going to catch him asleep to cut these sharp little claws?). I sit up to avoid further damage to my facial features.
Baby waddles to the side of the tub, wants in. I take him into the bath, he doesn't like it. He physically tries to remove me from the bath.

I get out, wrap the both of us in a towel, go to the bed and nurse him.
My husband and daughter walk in: "Did you have a nice bath"
I look at him frazzled: "I didn't even get to wash my hair".
"Ok, I'll take the baby into the kitchen."

My husband walks off with the baby, dogs and daughter. I get back into the tub. The water is cold now. I run some more hot water. Slip back into the water. Everything is calm now, I can relaxs.

Thumping on the bathroom door: "Mama! Mama! Mamamamamamamamamamama!"

My husband: "I really can't keep him there."
Baby walks in again, tries to physically remove me from the bath again.
"It's ok, I'll come out, I'll just wash my hair.'
I wash my hair. "Mama! Mama!"
Baby cries.
I rinse my hair. "Mama Mama!"
Baby cries.
I use conditioner and rinse again. 'Mamamamamamamama!"
Baby cries.

I get out, take the towel, take the baby. All is well.

Next time, I'm taking a shower.



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