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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Choosing a New Bed for Your Growing Kid

Written by Camille

Making the transition from a cot to a big-kid bed is a definite milestone for both kids and parents.
The switch generally happens between the ages two and four but most parents decide to make the switch when their little one is able to climb out of their crib or if another happy event is about to arrive.

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Whether you go for a regular bed, a bunk bed or a toddler bed for your growing kid, the first step in the process of changing bed should always be the communication. It is quite important to get your child involved in the choice of the new bed as well as the choice of the colour of the bed sheets in order to ease the transition and make sure that he or she settles well. Some younger kids will need more time to get used to a bed, as it can be difficult for them to understand that the new bed has imaginary boundaries that they have to stay within.
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Next step is to actually decide on the most appropriate type of bed for your child and this can take quite a while as we tend to be more vigilant when it comes to our children. How big or how small should the new bed be? What should I look at to ensure the new bed is safe? How firm should the new mattress be? Every parent asks this type of question at some point and we have gladly answered some of them below to help you choose the right bed for your growing child.

What bed size?

A single bed is usually the natural choice for parents moving their child out of a cot. However, there are two other different schools of thoughts when it comes to choosing the size of a child’s bed. Some parents prefers going for a smaller size such as a small single bed which takes a small single mattress, the width of which is closer to that of a cot bed, so won’t feel so unfamiliar. This will ease the transition but one should bear in mind that your child will rapidly outgrow the bed and need a bigger one sooner that you would expect. The second option is to go for a small double bed since it has the advantage of being large enough for a toddler and then a teenager. Whichever bed size you choose for your child, they will eventually get used to the new dimensions.

How Safe?

Considering your kid will be sleeping in this bed for years to come it is important to give thought to their safety. Make sure the new bed is not faulty, look for sharp corners, smooth the surface to get rid of possible splinters and prevent accidents that might occur. You can also install safety rails in order to prevent your child from falling out of the new bed while they get used to it. Regarding the composition of the mattress, it is always best to look for one made of natural fillings and featuring hypoallergenic properties such as memory foam mattresses which are both hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, making them safe for children as well as adults who suffer from allergies or asthma .

How firm?

When choosing a new mattress to fit the big-kid bed you should look at comfort as the priority. The mattress has to be both comfortable and supportive to provide your little one with a blissful sleep every night. Parents are often advised to choose a softer sleeping surface such as medium mattress for a kid’s mattress in order to provide their growing bodies with great comfort and support. After all your little one may not be a toddler anymore but still is a growing kid with specific needs! They won’t need a firm mattress though as they are not as heavy as an adult, so don’t need the same amount of support.

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