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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Book Review: Encouraging Words for Kids by Kelly Bartlett
Praise is bad for your children, it conditionalizes your love for them and forces them to shape themselves into what you desire, to win your affection. This statement has been made over and over in the peaceful parenting sphere, but what to do instead?
Does it mean we have to censor all words of kindness towards our children? Is there something we can do that shows our appreciation without these negative effects?

Kelly Bartlett gives us an entire set of positive reinforcing interactions to practice that build our kids up in their own capacities, without having to measure to our judgement. It explains the difference between encouragement and praise and helps us move in the right direction.
The book is a wonderful read filled with positivity and inspiration. A sure recommendation for anyone who wants to move beyond mindless praise.

This book encourages to move away from trying to mold children into something we want them to become, into fostering their uniqueness, their innate capacity of caring and self discipline. It is truly a great tool to have under your parenting belt. Two thumbs up!

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