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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Practical Guide to Children's Health

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Written by Kate from Modern Alternative Mama 

Although I discuss many topics on my blog, Modern Alternative Mama, the questions that we get from readers most often surround the area of health. Many are new to the “alternative” world, and when someone’s sick or something unusual is going on, they’re not sure where to turn or what to do. It is confusing – and when you need help, you need it *now*.

There is so much conflicting information out there and so many options for natural remedies. There are controversies surrounding the use of vaccines, OTC and prescription drugs, diet, and more. A concerned, thinking parent is often confused and uncertain who to trust and what to do, even though all parents only want their children to be healthy.

A Practical Guide to Children’s Health was written to address these important issues. It’s a basic guide that walks parents through food, health, and environmental issues, explains the different lines of thinking, and provides advice and ideas. The book doesn’t tell parents what they *must* do, because it is up to parents to decide which path is ultimately right for them. It does provide options, which are well-researched. There are over 300 cited sources in the book.

One of the most valuable sections of the book is the health section. There are several topics about different illnesses and possible home remedies for each. When a child’s sick and parents need an answer now, this book can provide some options – often using items that are easily available around the house or can be picked up at a grocery store.

Every book has its limitations, of course, and this one isn’t written by a doctor and it isn’t medical advice in any sense. It’s exactly what the title says – a practical guide to children’s health, written by a well-researched mom, for other moms.


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