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Friday, February 1, 2013

What About Math? 38 Ways An Unschooler Learns Math Without a Textbook

As an unschooling parent, you'll get confronted with the question "What about math?" sooner rather than later, and probably more frequently than you fancy.
Now, for the general public, math is this evil course you are forced to take in school that has nothing to do with life whatsoever and that you hastily forget when school is over. However, math is not separate from life, math is ver much a part of it. As an unschooler, you may not quite notice it, because it is so much a part of the everyday things you do.

So here goes: A list of all the many ways in which your unschooler learns math without studying it (and there are obviously plenty more I didn't think of).

Image: cogdogblog

  1. Counting games
  2. counting songs
  3. dominoes
  4. board games
  5. drawing stars
  6. skipping
  7. rope skipping
  8. sewing
  9. knitting
  10. crochet
  11. cooking
  12. doing laundry
  13. folding clothes
  14. shopping
  15. playing video games
  16. handling money
  17. doing yard sales or junk sales or a lemonade stand
  18. card games
  19. collecting things
  20. drawing
  21. watching nature
  22. smartgames
  23. reading the clock
  24. pat-a-cake
  25. drawing shapes
  26. playing with blocks
  27. playing lego
  28. using a calculator
  29. using a counting grid
  30. beading necklaces
  31. cleaning and organizing
  32. taking the plane or train
  33. chess
  34. sudoku
  35. guess how much games
  36. measuring
  37. waterplay: pouring into different containers
  38. reading the calendar

So how does your unschooler learn math?



  1. Before we decided to homeschool I was drawn to unschooling. Once we made the decision, I lacked the courage to let go. Now, I am getting to a point where my girls have met or exceeded my expectations for them and I feel like I am more ready to let them take the lead. Math is my biggest concern, but this post provided a lot of food for thought.

  2. Great list! See my article "Learning Through Play" at .



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