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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Necklines That Work for Nursing

After nursing my kids for nearly five years, I've come to realize a couple of things:

  • I don't like nursingwear because alll of that extra fabric is just uncomfortable.
  • I cannot bring myself to lift fabric to nurse, so I'm a definite over-the-top-nurser
  • Nursingwear is mostly very expensive
  • Even the expenside nursingwear is not made to last (guess they don't count for moms who nurse 5+ years)
  • It's hard to find nursingwear you like (unless you go online, but then you can't try it on)
So I decided to write this little post about what to look for in regular clothes to get a comfortable nursing wardrobe.
This post is written for mama's who like to nurse over the neckline, i.e. lift the breast out of the neckline. For mothers who like to lift the top, obviously any neckline would work.


Image: Katie Tegtmeyer
Not all haltertops are created equal. If it's a high rise top, make sure you can lift out your breasts sideways, this can be uncomfortable if your breasts are more forwardpointing than sideways. If it has a plunging neckline, you'll be fine either way.

Button down/zip down

Image: Little Doll Room
Any button down shirt or top will work for breastfeeding. If the buttons or zipper doesn't run all the way down, make sure they come at least until the middle piece of your bra, otherwise you'll have to force those breasts out. Also (and this piece of advide is not just for breastfeeding) check if the buttons fit snuggly, so you avoid wardrobe malfunctions.


Image: Lisa Humes

A strapless neckline is by far the easiest to nurse in, in any fabric. But it gives a lot of exposure, so if that's something you're worried about, then it should be avoided.


Tanjadesign on Etsy. I so want this!

Not really over the top, but no belly exposure either. Any neckline on a Kaftan will work if the side splits are large enough. Please try this though when you're fitting. A simple sidehem can easily be loosened.

Off the shoulder

Pebby Forevee on Flickr

Any off the shoulder neckline (you know the oversized 80s style neckline) will be big enough to rearrange and easily expose the breast for nursing. And don't we all just want to go back to the eighties ;). Pair it up with some legwarmers and you can pretend you're in Flashdance!

V-Neck, U-neck or square neckline

Image: zoeslollipop

All oft these can work if they are deep enough. look for something that exposes at least the base of the breast.


Onor on Etsy

Sweetheart necklines are perfect for over the top-nursing

Cowl Neckline

Device on Etsy

A cowl mostly falls deep enough to be a great addition to your wardrobe for nursing. There's also enough fabric to limit exposure.

Crossover or wrap

Image: Telltalehearts on Etsy

Wrap tops or crossed tops are often perfect for nursing, and they give nice definition to the waist.

A couple additional remarks:

  • A stretchy fabric will make nursing easier, but can show some wear and tear after a while.
  • Deep necklines work best if you're comfortable with that (less fabric pulling)
  • A good nursing bra is a plus and can be very comfortable, but if you're not willing to invest, a regular bra will work just fine - just make sure it doesn't have underwire, because they can constrict the milkducts. If you're looking for a nursing bra, I can seriously recommend Hotmilk or Amorallia
 What do you look for in nursing wear?


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  1. This looks like a regular bra too! No problems with this product. I ordered the black..great to hide..uh..milk stains. Ordered a c cup, I was a B before pregnancy, when my milk came in I think I was a D. Ha! But after about a month your boobs go back to the size they were in late pregnancy so this fit perfectly :) I plan to order bali x800


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