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Friday, February 8, 2013

Art Journalling Group - Lesson V: Acrylic

Every week, Authentic Parenting hosts an art journalling group. You are welcome to join in at any time. We do a new assignment each week, and participants can send in a picture their creation via email (mamapoekie at yahoo dot com) by Wednesday the next week.

Last week I had to skip the group due to internet problems, but we're back live and going strong!

New assignment: 

For this week's assignment, we're going to use acrylic paints. Assignment due Wednesday 30/1

Some ideas:

abstract painting tutorial

Image: Katharsis

Last week's results:

And here are the results of last week's assignment, which was 'watercolor'.

this is my kinda fishy mandala, which my daughter found looks like a spiderweb

Want to join in?

You can join in our weekly art journalling group whenever you feel like it! Just start journalling and send your picture of the last assignment by Wednesday of the next week. 
The goal of this group isn't to show off our work, it's to get a consistent creative outlet in our lives. There are no age limits in our art group, so you can get messy with the kids!

previous lessons:



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