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Monday, January 21, 2013

Foster Care: Giving Homes to Children Who Need One

When I was a small child, I had a friend at school whose life was different than that of the rest of us. When I grew up a little, I came to understand that the people she lived with where not her parents, her sister was not her biological sister and she saw her biological mother now and again, under supervision.  In fact, this girl was living in a foster home. The family she lived with had cared for three children, giving them a home when there was no home left for them.

Her mother was mentally challenged and had the mental capacities of a child. When she had a baby, she thought it was a doll and treated her as such. Luckily, people intervened and she was placed in foster care. For her, it remained her home until adulthood.

Image: B.Kerah
Foster care can provide a home for children who have nowhere to turn to. Children like my friend. It offers a nurturing environment and keeps children out of institutions, where - with all the will of the world - children do not receive the same treatment and nurturing they would in a family setting.

Guest blogger Ariadne shares her experiences:
I have always been interested in doing foster care as I feel it can be truly beneficial for children. This past summer my family and I were able to work together with a special organization that helps underprivileged children by placing them with families over the summer so they may have a positive summer vacation experience. Some children come from single parent homes and this gives parents a respite, other children come from group homes which gives the children a chance to have more individualized attention in a family setting.

Hosting a foster child can be a challenging experience. Some of these children have been bounced around from family to family. Some have had tragic home situations. Some have spend a great part of their lives living in institutions and severely lack connection. Yet it is a life changing situation for these children.

Find out how you can get involved:
For the uk: Capstone Foster Care UK

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  1. I used to live with foster families, yes a lot of them. I had no permanent home. Because of this, I became a rebel and so angry with the world thinking nobody wants me or no one's ever gonna love me. I was wrong, the last family I lived with were very good people and they taught me a lot about life and love. They had adopted me and that's where I felt the true meaning of home and family.

    -Gwyn Stiles


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