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Monday, January 28, 2013

1000 testimonies in 1 month Towards a Respected Childbirth

The Challenge : 1.000 testimonies in 1 month : 
why? for a respected childbirth !
Were your wishes, questions and requests regarding your pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding (or your partner's) respected by your caregivers?

Were you informed about every medical treatment?


You are not alone!

Wether you're a mom or a dad, tell us what disappointed you, saddened, hurt or shocked you or made you angry.

Help us realize the challenge to collect 1000 testimonies in one month, between January 28 2013 and February 28 2013.

=> These will be diffused to raise awareness from the public and governments about this everyday violence and violation

Testimonies will be accompanied by a manifesto demanding respect for future parents and their babies.

Respected births: Get to writing! Because respected births exist, your testimony is important to us! Our dream is in the future to have a changed practice and mentality towards the respect for each woman giving birth.

Help us realize this challenge and send your testimony to

Send us your story:
- if you're a mom or dad who is moved by our action
- no matter how short or long your text
- Mark clearly in what country the birth took place
- DO NOT name names of caregivers
- You choose wether or not you remain anonymous. If you wish to remain anonymous, sign with "anonymous" so this is clear to our team members
- Send your story BEFORE February 28 2013 to the following address:

What now?
- Your testimony will be published to this blog (…) and to our Facebook page
- Your story - as an explicit example - will also accompany a manifesto sent to health autorities, medical teams, organizations and health insurances. The manifesto will make a list of everyday violent actions toward pregnant and birthing mothers, which we want to see eradicated, SWIFTLY, urging medical professionals to respect the recommendations made by the WHO.

Please join us on facebook : On our page : On our event : In our group :

And let's share this page too :

Challenge organized by parents and future parents: "Julie, Hélène, Vanessa, Gwenn, Delphine, Laura, Amélie, Sophinie, Laurence, Paola, Anne, Marie, Lucia, Deena, Elise, Chris, Lauriane, Violaine, Sandrine, Erika, Virginie, Sophie, Cécile, Morgane, Aka, Amandine, Mathile, Adeline, Laura, Emma, Morwenna, Nadège, Mayra, Valérie, Audrey, Adèle, Estelle, Angélique, Cécile, Fanny, Maud, Amandine, Lyn, Magali, Katarina & Céline"

"Défi : 1000 témoignages en 1 mois, pour une naissance respectée !" -

"Uitdaging 1000 getuigenissen in 1 maand voor een gerespecteerde bevalling !" -




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