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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

10 Easy Steps Towards a Healthy Diet

When you plunge into the whole food and nutrition question, it's very easy to get overwhelmed. There is so much information out there, and so much of it is contradictory to what we've heard all along. It seems like every year there's a new diet that mirrors lifelong health and advice is not uni-lineary.
Many new diets also lean heavily on - often expensive - supplements.
It's easy to get overwhelmed! I know I still do.

I have found that the easiest way to get dietary changes to work is to take baby steps. Change and tweak and change and tweak... You'll get there. Don't just throw everything out at once, because you won't be able to keep up.

This list will offer you some suggestions to healthy up your diet that are easy to make. If you do all or most of them, you'll already have a very good diet.

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  1. Grow some sprouts - growing sprouts is quite fun to do with kids and it gives you nutrient dense food. I think it's the easiest approach to starting to grow food at home and it's very simple, so even if you lack green fingers you can try this
  2. Change table salt to Organic Celtic Sea Salt - Celtic Sea Salt is more expensive, for sure, but there are no nasty additives and you don't need huge amounts
  3. Make your own bone broth - making bone broth is simple and inexpensive, but it gives you a great source of minerals and vitamins. Find a basic recipe here and a traditional chinese recipe here 
  4. Replace coffee - Occasional indulgence in a cup of hot coffee isn't a problem, but the way we drink it in the west - by the bucket and in order to keep awake - isn't very healthy. Yet there are lots of hot drinks that are healthy: Red Raspberry Infusion is a very nice drink for all, Green Tea, Rooibos tea (red bush), or Endive root coffee
  5. Replace refined sugar - Nowadays there are lots of alternatives to refined sugar readily available: stevia, honey, maple syrup, unrefined cane sugar, agave syrup.
  6. Add green smoothies to your diet - talk about a nutrient packed food! Not only is it easy to make smoothies at home, it's also very yummy.
  7. Cook in healthy oils - coconut oil and palm oil are good for heating, whereas olive oil is better kept for cold uses. Find a nice overview here
  8. Incorporate super foods - Super foods are quite 'in' lately and it seems as if every week there's a new nutrient bomb being discovered. But all fads aside, some foods are specifically nutrient dense and eating such nutrient dense foods on a regular basis can greatly improve your diet. Most often pure super foods (not pills) aren't that expensive.
  9. Make use of herbs and spices - most herbs and spices are in fact superfoods and have great medicinal properties
  10. Toss out margarine and shortening - use real butter instead!
What small steps have you made to have a better diet?



  1. Agave syrup is actually relatively refined and is becoming an ecological problem in parts of Mexico, as demand grows. White sugar is environmentally nasty, but I'm trying to avoid products that are essentially greenwashing the problem, and agave is becoming that.

    1. Yes you are correct, I know the issues around agave syrup and wondered if I should incorporate it into the post. There's still raw agave available though, that's why I did add it in the end. If you're savvy on the topic, I would love a guest post about it though


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