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Friday, December 7, 2012

The Best iPad Apps For Your Kids

written by Rick Rollins

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The iPad is an amazing piece of technology - in fact, it has become a must for many households. An iPad is much simpler to use than a computer while offering a larger screen than a cell phone. One of the most powerful things about an iPad is the ability to download applications.
There are thousands of applications in the iPad store, which allow users to do anything from obtain vegan recipes to trade stocks in real time. The iPad is also a great learning tool for children, and here are the five best kid-friendly applications for your iPad (trust me, once you download these, you'll be in parent-heaven!).

Drawing Pad
A lot of kids love art - whether they want to paint, draw, or scribble. Unfortunately, a lot of kids love to practice their craft in the wrong places. The Drawing Pad app allows a child to use crayons, paint brushes, roller pens, and even colored pencils, to create their favorite art masterpieces. There will be no mess left behind, and if there is a mistake, the child can restart from stratch! With this great app, you can share the masterpiece with friends and relatives without leaving the house in a huge mess - you can even send them directly (digitally) to loved ones, classmates, or anyone else who would like to see these masterpieces.

Piano Ball
Studies have shown that learning music at a young age can help in the future development of most kids. The Piano Ball app is a great application for any parent who wants their children to excel on the piano. There is a colorful keyboard that helps the child experiment with all sorts of musical sounds. There are also games within the application that help a child learn their colors. This is a must have app for anyone who wants to encourage their children to enjoy music, and it serves as a great introduction to music for kids who otherwise might not have an interest. So, if you're hoping to enroll your kid in piano lessons sometime soon, this is great way to find some insurance.

Shape Builder
This app is a tried and true one that also helps with child development. It offers 146 puzzles that help a child with their cognitive and fine motor skills. When your little one completes a puzzle, a voice will sound out the word. This application is great for kids 3-6.

Curious George at the Zoo
Parents will appreciate the nostalgia of this application. Curios George at the zoo is a great application for kids on a road trip. This application teaches children about all of the different zoo animals and provides games on how to feed their favorite creatures. This app is not only educational; it is also fun, which young children everywhere will enjoy!

365 Facts
365 fun facts for kids is a great app! This application teaches kids fun and random facts - you guessed it - once a day (every day a year). You can even view facts from previous as well as future days too, if you're worried about that. 365 fun facts is a must have app for kids and adults alike, and I would bet this would be your favorite one to share..

Anyone who's purchased one can tell you that the iPad is an amazing device for all ages. No matter the child's ability or age there are a lot of applications to choose from. One of the best things about the iPad is that most applications for kids are fun, which will make learning that much easier! The iPad is an indispensable tool for children's growth and a great learning tool, so it'd be wise for all parents to find these apps (and more) asap!

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Rick Rollins writes about parenting, technology and more. His favorite piece of work is on 15 Great iPad Apps for Teachers.


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  1. Thank you so much, these kid’s apps are awesome! One of my coworkers here at DISH sent me this link, as she knew I was looking for some new apps. We’ll be checking out a few of them over Christmas when my family and I do some travelling. My kids are sure to love the Curious George at the Zoo app, it looks perfect for them! They watch the Curious George show when we travel using the DISH Remote Access app I got a while back. It allows them to watch live and recorded TV off the home receiver no matter where we are, as long as we can get a 3G or wifi connection. Thank again for the heads up the Curious George app, as well as the others. The Fun facts in particular is one I think they’ll enjoy.


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