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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reflections on 2012: Looking Back at Some Favorite Posts

As the year is coming to a close we thought we would take a look back at some of our favorite posts and some of the most popular posts of the year. 

At the start of the year, Laura courageously shared the joys and scare surrounding the unassisted birth of her second child:Yemi. If you enjoy reading birth stories, this one is full of emotion and worth the read. 

It's not easy to hear our children shout "I hate you!" and in the post Feelings are like a compass I shared about listening and reflecting on feelings instead of reacting when my son was having a challenging moment. Phew - that was one tough moment!

There aren't many subjects more controversial in parenting than sleep and discipline so it's not surprising that some of the most viewed posts of the year had to do with those topics.

After the media started talking about baby sleep training this year, Sleepy much? 10 Ways to Resist Going Down The Crying it Out Path  was really popular for several weeks. 

Sadly, various incidents of parents shaming children somehow became a really popular in the media this year which inspired me to write Shaming or Showing the Way as well as Dealing with Misbehavior: One Valuable Word

Another popular post was Are you damaging your child by demanding obedience I shared six reasons why obedience is potentially damaging and why we may want to reconsider demanding it from our children at any cost. As a follow up to that piece I wrote over at Positive Parenting Connection If Not Obedience, Then What? where I talked about positive alternatives such as accountability, choices and being respectful.

For parents wishing to make a shift into more peaceful parenting, Laura wrote this post Seventeen Tips to Become and Stay a Peaceful Parent.  Laura also started a wonderful series on Mommy Overwhelm this year including:
How to Recognize the Signs 
15 Self-Care Activities that Take Less Than 15 Minute
Positive Parenting Affirmations for Every Day .
Plus I added Calming Meditations: Coping with Parental Stress to the series.

No matter how much preparation and good intentions, Parenting is tough and we all make mistakes so   so I wrote this post  Eleven Steps for Healing and Restoring the Peace After Being Harsh With Your Child and then this post Seven Parenting Mistakes Transformed for those moments when we feel the need to reflect and restore the peace.

Some all time popular posts over the past years are:

Barbie Dolls with Big Bosoms Bring Up Big Questions. Here I'm openly discussing my uncertainty on having or not having Barbie dolls in the house and how modeling good self-esteem may matter much more than one doll.

10 Things Not To Do To An Upset Child and A Couple of Things You Can Do: Laura reminds us that emotional outbursts bring out our inner child and unhinge a lot of discomfort and shared many positive, gentle ways to help our children when they are upset

Compliance vs. Cooperation: This post I highlighted 5 common ways parents talk when expecting compliance and 5 positive alternatives that foster cooperation without fear, bribes and threats!

When Gentle Parenting Doesn't Work:  Laura talks about the times when it seems like we get stuck with gentle parenting and don't yield the results we seek and how to move forward.

A huge thank you goes out to all of our our readers, sponsors and guest writers. Laura and I wish you all a very wonderful New Year and we'll see you on the Authentic Parenting blog and facebook in 2013!

So tell us, do you have a favorite post here at Authentic Parenting - what is it? 

Peace & Be Well,

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