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Monday, December 17, 2012

Motherhood Poem

by Wendy Elizabeth Hart

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Mother. The word. I had to redefine it. Realign it. Take what was mine of it. Because the example left in my heart from growing up was so desolate, I wanted nothing from it.

Now I understand it. I demand it. For my babies. What was to be, for me. But never was, might never be. But that's ok.

Suffering has changed me, rearranged me, simply made me what I could not be with out it's exquisite bite; caused sleepless nights, seemingly endless fights, with myself and in the end...

Made me bend, made me extend to a place I had no idea I could go. So really, I am to be thankful for this handful of messed up tales, truly.

For there was no other road to the heaven I am in now. 



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