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Thursday, December 13, 2012

From Trash to Treasure: 10 Things Not To Toss and What To Do With Them

Often we carelessly throw away our trash, without even giving it a second though, but given the state of our planet, we really should. Lots of items that have served their purpose can still be useful and even turn into gorgeous things. Se here goes a list of things we should NEVER toss, and how we can repurpose them:

1. Mason jars

Keep them to store gifts

Make a snow globe
Or a calming jar

Or glass photo frames

Use them for storage

Hang them in your bathroom

Need more inspiration? Here are 24 ideas with mason jars on TipJunkie
25 more ideas on untrainedhousewife

2. Old T-shirts

Make new clothes for your kids, like this ruffle heart dress

Attack them with bleach pen for a very hippy effect

Make baby clothes

Toddler dresses

Haven't found what you're looking for? 15+ T-shirt conversions

3. Bottle caps

Decorate your table with them

Bottle caps might be something you never considered keeping, but they can give very nice crafts, photo frames, flower buds, wind chimes... you name it!

4. Buttons

Button wreath ornament

Some very pretty ideas with buttons on Craft snob

Dye them

Make a really cool bowl

5. Popsicle sticks

Popsicle ice crystal christmas decorations

6. Cans

Decorate them to hold stuff

By just spraypainting cans, you can have nice vases or tins to hold all your little stuff. Drill holes in them and create a dramatic candle holder or lightshade
Looking for more ideas? Here are 10 things you can do with cans on Crafty Texas Girls

7. Any fabric

Make this rag wreath! Here's a tutorial

Make a rag rug - Craftaholics anonymous

Make wall art
With fabrics scraps, there are so many great crafts that it would almost need a post entirely dedicated to this! With small scraps, you can create a gorgeous mosaic on canvas, you can cover your books, make stuffed animals...

8. Toilet rolls

Your kids can make these cute owls. 

Make some wall deco

Need more inspiration: here are 50 more ideas for crafts with toilet rolls

9. Newspaper

10. wine corks

Make a hot plate

For more inspiration: find 30 ways to recycle corks here

PS Go take a look on my Pinterest Clever Crafts board for more upcycling ideas



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