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Friday, December 21, 2012

Art Journalling group - lesson 2 - Collage

We're back with the art journalling class. I hope everyone had fun doing it! I know I did. Just a reminder, you can send me a picture of your work if you want to be featured.

Here's some results from last week's assignment:
Fabric markers on Calico covers

This is mine, I made the cover with bead and fabric scraps 
I also adapted the first page, I used tempera, collage and ballpoint

For next week, we'll be focussing on collage technique, a much used journal technique. It's quite easy, all you need is glue and magazine clippings, craft paper, fabric or whatever you find... (you can also glue buttons, receipts, ribbon, plastic, just be creative!). As always, you are not restricted to using only the proposed technique, you can add whatever your inspiration brings you to.

I'll add some inspiration later today, because I can't get onto my pinterest boards.

Here's a tutorial for mixed media, it's on canvas, but it would work well in an art journal too. (Christy Tomlinson)
Rommel Joson
Peter Clark
Find more collages from Mary Making

Make a collage or collage-inspired piece and send a picture to me by Wednesday 1/2/2013 by email (mamapoekie at yahoo dot com). I'm putting this assignment up for two weeks, with the holidays. Maybe it will be an inspiration and I will see some wrapping paper and gift tags in your work.

As usual, you can get your updates through Facebook and find inspiration on my pinterest 'art journalling' board, I keep adding onto the board, so check in now and again.



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