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Monday, November 5, 2012

Hitting the Road with Kids

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Every year thousands of families hit the road for a trip. They may be going to grandmas for the holidays, seeking out adventure through camping and outdoor fun, or heading to any number of vacation hot spots. No matter where they are traveling, with a few simple and fun ideas the trip there can be just as exciting as the destination itself. Something that can be done ahead of time would be to have the kids help plan the trip. While they do this the kids can study about the destinations and know more about where they are going and what they will be seeing. Each child could even pick a roadside attraction or something fun along the way to do. The kids will look forward to these stops and really feel a part of the road trip process.

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Planning and preparation will be a big part making the road trip enjoyable. Everything from snacks, to comfy clothes, to the car you travel in will be important to think about ahead of time. Having a vehicle that will hold all the luggage and supplies you need, as well as something that gives the kids room to squirm and move a little is great. Larger vehicles like SUV’s or even GMC conversion vans are great. These types of cars will be roomy and comfortable as well as safe and sturdy for any terrain or area you plan to travel.

The more ways that kids can take ownership and be more interactive on these trips the more successful the ride will be. Plan a simple scavenger hunt along the way. This may include natural items from the areas you will be traveling, like sea shells from the beach or rocks from the mountains. Or the hunt may be bit more fun like finding the goofiest gift shop items along the way. Having the kids in charge of taking pictures for a future family album can be creative and enjoyable too.

Kids may want to take friends or others along for the ride. This can be fun, but make sure you have all the information you need about your guest to ensure their safety as well as their entertainment. And if you end up having a few more kids along for the ride, take advantage of the extra numbers by playing games or even relay races at the rest stops. This will not only be amusing, but it will let people stretch their legs and get some exercise as they go.

A car trip can be a really pleasurable experience with just a little planning and thought put into it. Having good snacks in a handy place, preparing a playlist that has a little something for everyone, and making sure the car is set up inside for a long journey are just a few things to help. Road trips are a rite of passage for every family and should be done as much as possible. With these and other simple ideas a families can build great memories to last a lifetime.



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