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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Finding Gratitude in the Simplest of Things

Once a week, our family has a meeting where we share appreciations, compliments or things we are thankful for - we do this year round - it's simply a great way for us to build memories while giving each family member a time to reflect and have their very own chance to share (if they want) their thoughts with the whole family about, well, anything really.

Thinking of the past few meetings some of the things my children have expressed appreciation for have varied from being simple, sweet, profound, touching, funny and beyond. Where I don't mean to label or value one thing over the other, I just mean to say their appreciations are varied in so many ways. For example:

"I appreciate all broccoli of the world because I like to eat it." 
"I appreciated when you helped me find my lost playmobil dude"
"I appreciate that we have nice family and healthy food and toys"
"I want to say thank you that you took us to the circus - the acrobatics were cool"
"I say thank you to my brother that he let me borrow his bike"
"I appreciate you had the medicine kit when the wasp stung me, it was good you were prepared, it hurt a lot and you helped me feel better"
"Thank you for the cheese."
"Thank you for listening to my story about what happened at school"
"I appreciate my sister cleaned up the lego, I was too tired and she knew that"
"Thank you worms for making the earth better and sharks for not biting us in the ocean"

Hearing my children appreciate the smallest of things is such a spark for me to appreciate everything, to feel incredibly grateful and blessed.  Finding gratitude in the simplest of things and sometimes even in the hardest moments, each and every week truly connects us and is so special.

How do you encourage gratitude in your family?

Peace & Be Well,



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