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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Calming Meditations: Coping with Parental Stress

This article is part of the Mommy Overwhelm series. We looked at the signs of overwhelm, and shared self-care activities to lower parental stress , food, herbs and supplements to strengthen your resistance to stress and battle depression and some positive parenting affirmations.

Parenting without stress – what a feat that would be! Is it actually possible?
As parents we are responsible for so much…and so stress it seems will always be somewhat part of life.
Stress however doesn’t need to consume us or rule how we parent – we can learn to parent calmly and peacefully even through stressful situations, like discovering poop on the bathroom wall or answering questions about genitals in the middle of the store.

Stress affects both our minds and our bodies and so learning to deal well with our own stress we can better accept the feelings that come if stress starts to affect our parenting responses. Being rested, eating well and taking small breaks can help manage stress, and yet that is not always possible, especially if the children are ill or if we have unplanned circumstances…So what I find that helps me a lot no matter what is going on is to end each day with a calming meditation.

Calming meditations can help improve sleep, focus and help us remain
calm throughout the day.

Short meditations to calm the mind are easy to do and the more I use them, the more I find calmness and inner balance. It's a wonderful way to start and end each day but they can be done anytime really. I like mantra meditations which is simply repeating a calming phrase or even just one word silently and focusing thought on that.
Some helpful phrases are:

  • Calm is welcome
  • Love heals
  • Choose Peace
  • Stillness is within me
  • I am kind. I am Calm.
Really you can choose any phrase you want, mantras are there to give your mind something to do and focus your thoughts away from things like “oh what madness! poop on the wall!!?? You have got to be kidding me, why did I have kids…oh right because I love them…but really poop..on the freakin’ walls…I wish that had never happened…ever...”
Not that having those thoughts are bad or wrong, but ending the day with “I am kind. I am Calm.” definitely feels more serene.
So…what’s stressing you out and how are you coping?

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Ariadne Brill is a certified positive discipline parenting educator. She has three children, loves chocolate and is passionate about helping parents and children create harmony at home. Find Ariadne on Facebook and at the positive parenting connection, a resource for gentle and positive parenting.


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  1. I think stress is reduced when parents practice right discipline methods from an early age to produce obedient children.


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