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Monday, October 1, 2012

Budget Friendly Clothes Shopping for Children

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Most parents can expect to shop for children’s clothes several times a year as their children grow and the seasons change. Because children outgrow their clothing so quickly, it is important for parents to find the best deals that will fit their budget. However, saving money does not have to mean a person has to give up on style. In fact, anyone can outfit their child with a wardrobe containing fashionable and hip attire by simply following a few basic shopping techniques:

Mix and Match Styles 
Many types of children’s clothing come in mix and match styles that can be swapped around so that an entirely new outfit can be created. When parents buy several pieces in basic colors, then they can pair different items together in order to make it appear as though a child has more clothes.
Additionally, this method can even help young children to be able to dress themselves, as every piece will match. Another thing to look for when shopping is bottoms in basic colors such as black. Then, these can be worn with tops in different styles and patterns.

Where to Shop

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Fortunately, there are quite a few places where parents can shop to save money on children’s clothing. Garage sales are always a great source for kid’s clothes. However, these may require several hours of perusing different sales. Resale and consignment shops also sell gently used clothing that is usually in the latest styles. Many of these stores will only sell clothing and even basketball shoes and sports equipment in good condition. This can help parents avoid having to pick through stained or torn clothing.
Additionally, at major retailers, clothing is often discounted seasonally. When parents hit these sales, it is smart to stock up on items in sizes large enough for their children to wear the following season.

Things to Avoid
It is important to avoid spending too much on children’s clothing as they will only where them for a few short months. However, staying within a budget for children’s clothing can be tricky. This can be especially true for someone who tends to overspend. In these instances addiction intervention can be helpful for someone who would like help with their shopping.
Some other things parents should watch out for include stained clothing at garage sales or visiting stores that are overpriced. Additionally, buying too many trendy items can lower the possibility of being able to stretch an outfit over several seasons.

Shopping for children’s clothing is always a fun thing to enjoy at the beginning of each new season or as a way to celebrate a child’s growth. However, it is best to find ways to stick to a budget without giving up on style. Finding clothing that can be used in more than one way at a resale shop or garage sale can be a great way to add to a child’s wardrobe without overspending.


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  1. You should also probably plan on what style your child is going to have. I know my wife had personalised baby clothes for our little one. It was really fun to have.


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