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Monday, October 15, 2012

Bra Fitting 101

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Purchasing a new bra can be a real ordeal. There is so much choice and mostly they're not cheap, so it's imperative we pick right.  And picking the right one seems to be pretty difficult. Studies show that over 75% of women wear the wrong bra size! When purchasing a new bra it is important to select a style and size that fits well with one’s bust line however, this brings up the question of how to tell if a bra fits properly.

There are some keys things to look for to determine if a bra fits properly. How it fits in certain areas can tell you whether your bra fits. For instance, the centre front of the bra should sit flat against the chest without any gap. If a particular bra causing this gapping, then it is because the cup size is too small and cannot adequately support the bust.

Bras with underwires should rest against the ribcage without producing any discomfort, and there should be no breast bulging out of the cups. If this occurs this is generally due to having a bra with cups that are too small. The best way to get the right bra sizing is to use a bra calculator such as the ones found online. The cups should fit firmly without any fabric gathering loosely. If this wrinkling occurs then the cup size is most often too large. Switching to a bra with a smaller cup size often fixes the problem.
Not only is the fit of the cups important but so are the straps. They should be almost parallel without digging into one’s shoulders. The band encircling the chest should also remain stationary. If the band begins creeping up one’s back the wearer should try a bra having a band in a small size.

Today there are even more cup sizes available than ever before. This makes it much easier to find exactly the right size. Bras also come in a variety of styles for certain types of clothing as well as occasions. I specifically like the selection at My Curves and Me.



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