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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

APBC Carnival Call for Submissions - Body Awareness

Hi all!

The Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival is back! This month we'll be focusing on Body Awareness.

How do you feel about your body? How do you communicate about your body to your child? Do you feel self love or self loathing? Are you carrying around a negative body image? What about diets or handicaps.
We want to know all about it.

Submissions are due next Monday October 22 (I'm pushing back the deadline a little since I'm a bit late with promoting!).
Carnival will go live on Friday 26th.

Send your participation to mamapoekie at yahoo dot com
In this email send me:

  • your full text
  • Title for your post
  • URL for posting, or if you don't have it in advance, send me your blog URL and send the post URL on carnival day
  • a blurb about your post (e.g. Laura from Authentic Parenting shares how continuous dieting has shaped her beliefs about her body)
Looking forward to reading all of your submissions!



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