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Friday, September 28, 2012

An Unschooler's Take on Lessons

Welcome to the September edition of Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival: Exploring and Learning.
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I have been brought up - like so many Westerners - with the belief that everything one wants to learn requires lessons of some sort, for how can one learn without being taught?
Having caught up with the unschooling idea, I know this is not true, I even know it from my personal experiences: we learn from life, from interest, we learn from relationships with others... much more than from any lesson.

Yet even though I know this to be true, I do get moments where I freak out. When I see a grain of talent in my child and think to myself we're missing out her prime years to do this or that. What if she never gets to fulfill a dream because we didn't enroll her in some kind of program.

Our society is geared towards pushing our child to excel, the earlier the better. After all, wasn't Mozart playing the piano at four? Don't you want your child to be as accomplished? All the while pushing parents into insecurity and pushing kids to perform better, faster and more...

Yesterday my daughter and I were watching "So You Think You Can Dance". My daughter is very physical and she was joining in with the dancers, doing head rolls and jumping all around the bed. I thought to myself we'd have to get her into dance lessons, or maybe circus lessons... or maybe she should start athletics. They have to start young don't they. Wait... I can't get any athletic classes in Liberia, should we move back here? The time we move back here she will have aged, will she be too old? Will she have missed a magical athletics career? What if she was destined to win the Olympics one day???

Wait a minute... Take a breath... What are we doing here?
My daughter is just fooling around, having fun, and I'm making it into a career...

If she ever expresses a desire to follow lessons, I will find a way for her to do so. But maybe she can learn just as much from other sources. Maybe just watching this show, watching Youtube, watching other kids, and plain trying it herself, she'll learn just what she needs.

Time for mommy to relax, sit back and enjoy the show!


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