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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What to do When a Child Would Rather Make Music

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When it comes to extracurricular activities, many parents encourage their children to engage in sports. Some parents do this without any thought to what their children may prefer to do. This can be quite upsetting for kids who are interested in other things activities. Music is one such activity. If a child is interested in pursuing music as an extracurricular, consider the different options.

The Kid in the Band

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Some children who are musically inclined prefer to try their hands at playing instruments. While the school band is a great option, not every school has a band anymore. If a child is in a school where the band is an option, he may still not want to join it. Most school bands focus on orchestra music. As such, they contain string instruments like violins and wind instruments such as clarinets.
Not every kid likes the idea of having to lug a tuba around in the name of learning how to play an instrument. They may also only have an interest in the two instruments that are rarely available: drums and the guitar. That isn't a problem though. Most communities have private instructors that will usually teach kids for reasonable prices.

Parents will have to purchase their kids' instruments if they choose to go with a private instructor, but it might be the only way for a child to play the instrument she has her heart set on.

A Voice to Rival Angels
When a kid loves to sing, there are generally only three options available: the school choir, the church choir and singing lessons. A choir is an excellent option for parents who have children that love to sing. Choir leaders, whether at school or at church, help students train their voices for specific choir positions. This is valuable when a child would like to move on to sing professionally.
However, some children don't want the unfortunate stigma that is often associated with being a member of a choir. Another issue could present itself in terms of the style of music choirs lean toward. A child may prefer to be taught with more popular music. That is where private lessons come into play. They are usually affordable and can be fit into most schedules without issue while teaching children to sing with music they enjoy.



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