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Monday, July 30, 2012

The True Meaning of Life Learning

The past 8 months have been really hectic in our household… You might have noticed from my blogging - or lack thereof. In this time, we have had a baby, bought a house, lived in three different countries and about 7 different houses and took about a gazillion planes. Now we've finally settled in Liberia (well almost, real settling takes time!). I've never been the 'activity' kind of parent. We sort of go with the flow and tend to find activities at the spur of the moment. I go through phases of interest, where I suddenly take up knitting or sewing or crafting. My daughter is the same, so we follow our waves of interest.
I've always felt a bit guilty about this, not being the organizational kind of parent, not providing great craft activities. Especially when I take a virtual stroll along the great kid's craft blogs out there. I do feel like less of a parent.

Since we've been in Liberia with only the suitcases we could bring in one plane trip, and they mostly carried baby stuff… I had been really anxious about not 'doing' enough with my 4 year old daughter. We weren't doing any crafts or creative activities. I've mostly been busy unpacking and getting to know the place and caring for the baby (who had two malaria attacks since we've been here). I felt like the worst parent ever, like I really left her hanging there.

But I've come to realize something in these months; it is life learning. And sometimes life is just this: unpacking and getting to know the place. Learning isn't all about crafts and activities, it's about the things that happen in natural living situations. And I haven't been neglecting her, we've just been finding the way in which our new life with a new family member fits us.
Learning, if it's not interfered by artificial school structures, is a thing of flow… Sometimes you have to take time to find new routines, to adapt. But that's all part of the school of life.

And while I was busy fretting? My daughter learned a mouthful of English by communicating with the staff. She played with all of the puppies, she discovered new turf. She hardly has time to watch her movies or read her books, because everything is new and exciting and also a little bit educational.

I've learned that I shouldn't spend my time fretting over what we're not doing, but rather enjoy what we are doing. I shouldn't try to measure up to other parents and be what I am not. Sure they can be an inspiration, but there's no need to feel bad because that's just not me. Well… hopefully I'll remember that next time.


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  1. I agree with you. Life and learning are all around. Those craft blogs will be there when you "flow" into a crafty mood together. Meantime, I hope you get a chance to catch your breath.


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