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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Natural Ways to Go Into Labor

Written by Greg Newby 

While there are not and over abundance of ways to get pregnant, there are many natural ways to go into labor. Many women go past their due date, especially during their first pregnancy. It is a common occurrence, but the lack of comfort and eagerness to have the baby send many women looking for ways to go into labor. As with any medical procedure, it is pertinent to speak with a doctor or midwife for recommendations to induce labor. These procedures are not suggested until 37 weeks or after. Prior to 37 weeks, the baby is still developing and benefiting from being in the womb.

Natural Ways to Begin Labor
Doctors can induce with medicine when the mother has been carrying the baby too long or for medical reasons. Most women prefer to try natural labor instead of having a medical procedure. If there are concerns, ways to get pregnant and ways to begin labor should be discussed with a healthcare professional before they are tried.

Having Sex Stimulates Contractions
 The most natural way to begin labor is also one of the most common ways to get pregnant, just have sex. Sex is challenging during the last trimester, but many women find that it stimulates labor. The body’s natural orgasm helps the uterus contract and begin labor. As with anything, moderation is the key. Too much sexual activity can bring on the birthing process too soon.

Pay Attention to the Nipples
Some women agree that having their nipples stimulated is an easy way to begin contractions. This can entail anything from rubbing the nipple to gently sucking. When nipples get caressed, they release oxytocin in the body. This chemical causes uterine contractions and early labor.

One of the easiest ways to induce labor is walking. A common sight in any maternity ward is the mother walking the halls with a support person by her side. While it is not helpful to get tired out by walking long distances, a walk down the street or in the woods helps the baby position itself for arrival. Standing upright places pressure on the cervix. This pressure also releases the desired oxytocin. It is recommended to walk throughout pregnancy for exercise and enjoyment.

Labor Acupressure 
Light massage is another way to bring on labor. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture in that it focuses on pressure points. By giving a light massage instead of needles, a therapist induces labor. It is performed with hands and thumbs on pressure points. Some partners even take courses to know how to apply the right type of pressure. Midwives are experienced in this as well.

Other Ways to Go Into Labor
The tricks above have helped many women to successfully go into labor. Many other methods that are rumored to work, but may not be as proven. Some women bounce on exercise balls or blow up balloons. A famous trick is to eat a lot of spicy foods to induce labor. Watching a movie that makes women cry has also been rumored to work. In short, there are many methods to try.

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