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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why You Should Use Natural, Organic Makeup

Written by Marie Baker

Image: Stevendepolo on Flickr
When you go to the store, it seems that the shelves are filled with organic products. From fruits and vegetables, to chips and juice, there are a wide variety of all natural, organic products available on the market today. Organic items are made of safer, all natural ingredients and do not contain harmful ingredients that can cause sickness. Besides food products, there is also a major move towards organic makeup. If you are thinking about switching your regular makeup products to more all natural organic makeup products, here are some good reasons you should decide to do so.

1. Safety 

All makeup you wear will absorb into your skin and enter your body. When you use normal makeup products, these products are often filled with dangerous chemicals and ingredients that are not necessarily good to have in your body. Since organic makeup is made of all natural ingredients, you can be confident that your skin will only be absorbing healthy ingredients when you wear your makeup.

2. Sensitivity 

Regular makeup often contains harsh chemicals that are bad for sensitive skin. Since organic makeup is used of all natural ingredients, it is completely safe to use on sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, it is wise to choose organic makeup because it's less irritating on your delicate skin.

3. Protection 

The three major ingredients that are used to make organic makeup are also good at protecting skin from the harmful rays of the sun. If you want to look good while protecting your skin from sun damage, organic makeup is the perfect makeup for you.

4. Nutrients 

All organic makeup is made with nutrients that will benefit your skin. From nourishing minerals like magnesium, calcium, mica and zinc oxide to botanical ingredients like tea tree oil, rosemary extracts and green tea that soothe and protect the skin while bettering its overall condition, organic makeup contains beneficial nutrients that can actually improve your skin tone.

 5. Ease `

Organic makeup usually only requires the use of one special brush to apply makeup which can save you tons of time during your beauty routine. Also, most organic makeup will blend to your skin tone which will save you from having to blend multiple products to get the right shade for your skin.

 6. Environmental Impact 

When you choose to use organic makeup, you are using makeup that is easier on the environment. Anytime a product uses all natural organic ingredients they are shunning the use of chemicals that can potentially be bad for the environment. If you are concerned about nasty chemicals entering the environment, you should choose to wear organic makeup.

There you have it, 6 reasons why you should choose to toss out your regular makeup and instead use all natural, organic makeup. Not only is it easier on the skin and easier to apply, but it provides your skin with ingredients that can actually improve the overall texture of your skin. Add that to the fact that organic makeup is environmentally friendly, it should become an easy choice to choose to wear organic makeup.

About the author:
Marie Baker writes about beauty, finance and employment verification.


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