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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Parenting Intentionally

Parenting tends to starts off as a beautiful, mindful experience. Taking in the sweet smell of a newborn child, awing at each little coo. Then of course for many of us come the sleep deprived nights, lots and lots of diaper changes, soothing tiny beings, and before you know it the first three months of intense parenting, even if filled with so many amazing moments of love, bonding and intense emotions is over. 

Then a year goes by, two, three…ten and more. Somehow it is easy to fall into parenting on auto pilot – if only as a survival mechanism at times because it can feel so wearing! But let’s not miss the opportunity to be intentional in our parenting, especially in the early years, as these moments although trying at times, are ever so fleeting. Let’s take the daily tasks, keeping kids busy, providing learning opportunities, parenting so our children will grow to be resilient, healthy and happy beings and use them as opportunities to be intentional. Intentional about our relationships, intentional about connection, intentional about our attitudes, choices and intentional in our celebrations.

How to be more intentional in parenting? 
For me, it boils down to devoting time each and every day to create meaningful relationships and memories. Not complicated, expensive, elaborate stuff…really just being present in the moment so that we can connect and ultimately remember. It’s about looking for opportunities to listen to my children, to watch them, appreciate them, involve them and support them. Getting to know them for who they are and wish to become. It also means listening to myself and following my heart. Nurturing my children and nurturing myself. Doing what feels right for our family so we can be connected, healthy and generally happy. It means choosing love even in the most challenging moments.

In the next weeks, especially with the summer holidays, I hope to find, no wait, being intentional: I will MAKE a lot of time for laughter, a lot of time for reading together, giving the children opportunities to explore new places, taste new foods, give them a chance to say what they want to do and support them in that. What about you, what would you like to experience in your parenting journey in the next few weeks? Months? Years?

Peace & Be Well,
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