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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Call for Submissions: Authentic Parenting Carnival June 2012

Authentic Parenting teamed up with Mudpiemama's Positive Parenting Connection will be hosting the May Carnival of Authentic Parenting on June 29th.

This months topic:Traveling and Vacations

The month of June, we dedicate the carnival to travel and vacation. We invite you to share any stories, tips, tricks, memories about travel and vacations. 

What does vacation mean to your family? How do you gear up for travel? Have you got specific vacation traditions? How do parent away from home? Are there any essentials you must have no matter where you go? Have you been somewhere in the world with your family that was just an amazing adventure? What about  being green while away from home, how does it work?

Submission date: June 22th. 
Carnival date: June 29th.

To enter, please compose a new post on the chosen topic and email mamapoekie {at} yahoo {dot} com and ariadne {at} brillweb {dot} net no later than 11PM GMT on June 22th 2012. Once you have emailed your submission please fill out the submission form:



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