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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Breastfeeding: What It Means To Me (Rerun)

If you could tell your little one just one extraordinary or ordinary thing about what it means for you to nurse, what would you share?

Breastfeeding for me is to is to find that little moment of peace on a busy day. A moment where our fingers intertwine and our gazes lock. A moment where time stops and nothing else matters. Wether you were hungry, or tired, or fussy, one sip of the buhbuh makes you calm, albeit just for a moment. It's a moment where I feel your warm belly against mine and I caress your soft skin sense and smell your moist, sticky cheek (probably a mixture of chocolate and marker).

A moment where we are both present at the same time, in body and in mind. Eventhough you often nurse in busy rooms and crowded spaces, in places where it's noisy and through a conversation, there's always this moment where we are both one person, where we are fully attentive of each other, where I stare into your eyes and remember all the millions of reasons why I love you so much. Where I think of you as my baby, even though you've grown now and you walk and talk and sometimes act as if you do not need me so much any more.


 Sometimes this moment lasts for a while, sometimes it is just a glance, but it is always there. And all I can feel for you is pure love and I see in your eyes that you love me too. That you are grateful for this love and this warm milk I keep giving to you, and have given to you for over two years, without restrictions. These moments keep me grounded, they keep me in touch with the bottomless pools of love I have for you, even in times when it is hard, even when I am tired or angry or ill. Even when I am busy or absent minded. On that little instant, there is just you and me, there is only us. I hope we may have many more of these moments.

  What about for you? What does breastfeeding mean to you?


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  1. This is so beautiful! I'm featuring this post as my next blog post and answering the question for myself! Thanks for the inspiration :)


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