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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why it's okay for little girls to play princess

Written by Melissa Carlton

Many girls dream of becoming a princess when they are younger. In fact, some girls still think it could happen once they meet Prince Charming. This will probably never happen, but a girl can be a princess if she wants. She just has to become one on the inside. These are four reasons why little girls should be allowed to play at being a princess, as long as you keep a few things in mind.

1) Royal Dream vs Reality
Everyone watched the royal wedding of Catherine Middleton to Prince William. It was a dream come true! Many girls will remember that day forever. Let little girls dream big dreams. At least they're dreaming! Take this opportunity to introduce her to other aspirational careers, whatever they may be, and while you shouldn't discourage this dream, it's ok to subtly point out how money, wealth and glamour aren't everything.

2) Princess versus Barbie

Playing princess is different from playing with Barbie. Barbies promote unhealthy body images and shallow values. Princesses have real responsibilities, and royalty comes in all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, most princesses do a lot of community service, so remind your kids about this. Use this as an opportunity to do some good deeds and learn about how all people are created equally. Plus, teaching about royalty can be a great way to teach your kids about history, politics, government, other countries and more. If you’re frustrated with the negative implications of having a girl pretend to be a princess, take it upon yourself to remember these points, and remember that it’s better than blonde Barbie!0

3) Etiquette
Being a princess means that one should always act with proper d├ęcor. Little girls will actually want to learn about manners, respect & etiquette when when playing princess, so take advantage of this opportunity. In addition, you can also take this opportunity to teach her about gender roles, and how since it’s acceptable for her to pretend to be a princess, it’s also ok for boys to pretend too! While she might like to be a princess, other girls might pretend to be firefighters, basketball players or anything else. It’s all acceptable, and it’s all pretend. Part of being a princess is being  classy enough to accept everyone as they are, and make sure everyone feels welcome at the playground!

4) She is a Princess

All little girls are princesses. In the famed story "The Little Princess," an orphan claims that all girls are princesses no matter who they are. In short, every girl should aim high, and you shouldn’t step on your daughter’s dreams. If it frustrates you, it’s ok. She’ll likely grow out of it eventually. At least she has goals and is looking to the future! Remember this, and as long as you are reminding her of the things mentioned above, there’s no reason she can’t be a princess every night! Just make sure she’s taking off that tiara before going to school.

Who knows? She may grow up to become the next Catherine Middleton!

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  1. Love this post!!

    One of the movies I watch with my daughter is Barbie Princess Charm School. It has those same points you mention in this post.

    It also has a line in the movie that I apply to real life constantly.

    "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Gosh I love that line lol

  2. I love it. We live in England and really, who knows? One of my daughters may well end up marrying royalty. :)

    (this has led to interesting discussions of Royal titles and how they would have to be born to a King or Queen to actually become one themselves. Not all princesses become Queen!)


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