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Monday, May 21, 2012

5 Great Ideas For Father's Day

Content provided by Alex S.

Moms may get most of the credit for the rest of the year, but Father's Day is the time to recognize dads across the nation for their own valuable contributions to their families. If you are wondering how to really show your appreciation to a father or husband, consider these five fun activities sure to please the whole family:

Go Fishing 
A relaxing day at the local lake or river may be the perfect Father's Day gift for an outdoorsy dad. Pack a picnic, some fishing rods and bait, and if you're lucky you may end up catching dinner!

Have a Barbecue 
Celebrate Father's Day by cooking up some of his favorite foods on the grill. Hot dogs, steaks, hamburgers and corn on the cob all taste best when cooked over an open flame. To make the meal truly special, whip up some delicious potato salad and veggies to go on the side. 

Go for a Hike  
Spending time admiring nature is a great way for dads to wind down and shed some of the stress that comes with being a father. If you live in an area with scenic nature trails, a day of walking and fresh air may be the perfect prelude to a celebratory dinner. 

Go to a Sports Game  
It's an old stereotype that dads love their sports, but more often than not a father has at least one team that he follows religiously. You may not be able to get tickets for his favorite team right on Father's Day, but a day spent cheering at the stadium is the perfect present for any sports fan. 

Take Fathers Day Portraits 
What better way to commemorate Father's Day than through a handsome family portrait? Dress up the kids in their finest clothes, avoid any stain-causing juices and head over to the nearest portrait studio to mark the passing of another year. Fathers Day Portraits are a tradition for many families, and you may find that they soon becomes a source of cherished memories as your children grow. 

Even the most selfless and giving father likes to know he's appreciated, and Father's Day is all about letting the men of the family see how much they are valued. A fun day with his family, doing something he loves, can easily make Father's Day dad's best day of the whole year.



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