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Friday, April 27, 2012

10 Steps to Cleaner Indoor Air

Did you know the air we breathe in our houses is among the most polluted? Surely we should be safe in our homes instead of being slowly poisoned! Yet our indoor air is laden with charged particles, formaldehyde and lots of other nasties.
But all is not lost! With a few simple things we can improve our indoor air greatly.

  1. Air out your house everyday for 15 minutes. This is a really simple step that can greatly improve the air in your home. Make a routine of it throughout the year.
  2. Remove your shoes at the door. Why would your shoes have anything to do with the quality of your air? Quite a lot. We bring lots of toxins in our house with our shoes. Walking through the dirt we leave on the floor makes those particles airborne and spreads them across our houses. Leaving them at the door is yet another simple gesture that makes our houses healthier. Invite guests to do the same. Organize a little shelf for shoes and leave extra slippers to use indoors.
  3. Use only natural cleaning agents. Toss out all toxic cleaners and replace them with natural alternatives. You can even consider making your own cleaning products with simple, natural and cheap products like lemon, baking soda and vinegar.
  4. Get air-cleansing plants. Many plants can act as natural air cleaners, absorbing the pollution in your home.
  5. Use as little electronic devices as possible, and if you do, pull out the plug after use. Electronic appliances charge the air, they also charge micro particles in the air, like bacteria, who then get more easily attached to your lungs after inhaling them.
  6. Get a salt lamp. Salt lamps deionize your air, give a nice light and are not very expensive. These are very useful in areas where you have a lot of electronic devices, like living room and kitchen.
  7. Use only organic fabrics in your house. I have to stress organic, because often with fabrics, natural doesn’t cut it. Cotton is known to be one of the crops most polluted with pesticides, so if you have plain cotton in your rooms, they are breathing out these pesticides on a daily basis.
  8. Remove all plastics. Plastics are a petrochemical derivative and they breathe loads of toxins into your home, especially if they are heated, or standing in the sun. For most plastic a non-toxic alternative exists.
  9. Replace fiberboard and veneer furniture with hardwood. Fiberboard and veneer are made with toxic glues. One can argue that this type of furniture is a lot cheaper than its wood counterpart, but if money is an issue, there are lots of secondhand stores selling natural wood furniture for a nickel and a dime.
  10. Don’t burn candles, and if you do, buy natural candles with an all cotton wick. Candles not only release soot in your air, many of them have a lead wick. Especially commercial scented candles contain a lot of nasties.

Is indoor air something you are concerned about? What do you do to have a healthy home?

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