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Thursday, March 29, 2012

DIY floral arrangements for kids

Children love flowers as much as adults do. It isn't necessary to order postal flowers or send commercial arrangements to the child when one can create a beautiful, child-friendly arrangement that can be hand-delivered.

Save money

Anyone who has ever sent a floral arrangement knows that it is costly to order flowers from a florist shop. One is not only paying for the flowers, but also paying for the delivery service, the creative talents of the floral arranger and the container. When these factors are added together, itís easy to see why commercial flower arrangements are costly. Create an arrangement, and one can make a perfect, unique floral arrangement for a fraction of the cost. If the season is right and flowers are growing in the yard, one can eliminate the cost of flowers altogether.

Be creative

When people make their own floral arrangements, they can be as creative as they want to be. For example, if the child loves the color yellow, go to the florist and pick out an array of yellow flowers to use in the homemade arrangement. If the child is fond of bumblebees, place a handful of bumblebees in the arrangement. Craft shops are filled with small, beautiful accessories like bumblebees, birds, teddy bears and other items that catch a childís eye. Many of these items come attached to a stick that can be placed in the container along with the flowers.

Cover the vase

Although adults are happy with a simple vase of flowers, children are more apt to appreciate their floral arrangement if the container is interesting to them. For example, a child might love to receive flowers in a Lego-covered vase. Create a rectangular structure out of Legos that is big enough to hold a small vase. Assemble the floral arrangement in the vase, and then lower the vase into the Lego rectangle. Colorful Legos will add fun to the arrangement, and after the flowers are no longer fresh, the child has a set of Legos to play with.

Little girls who like dolls might enjoy a vase covered in a doll dress. Experiment with containers and find one that will fit a medium-sized doll dress. Arrange the doll dress around the vase and use ribbons to attach the dress to the shape of the container. Use a bit of tissue paper in the sleeves of the dress to make them puff out. When the flowers need to be discarded, the little girl will have a new doll dress to enjoy.

Use a child-friendly container

Dump trucks, small wagons, even colorful cookie jars can act as a vase for flowers. Shallow containers, like a truck, can be fitted with a waterproof plastic insert and then filled with marbles. Insert short, flower stems into the container, and the marbles will help to keep the flowers in position. When the flowers are past their prime, the child wonít be disappointed as he or she will still have a truck and some marbles to play with.

Add some candy or cookies

Purchase some small candies, a dowel, some cellophane and ribbon and you can create a candy gift to insert into your floral arrangement. Cut out a large square of cellophane and fill the center with candies. Take the corners of the cellophane and bring them together to form a pouch. Close the pouch with an elastic band to keep the pouch from opening. Attach the pouch to the dowel by slipping the dowel through the elastic. Use ribbon to cover the elastic and tie a bow. If a cookie jar is going to be used as a container, attach a small bag of cookies to the dowel instead of candy.

One doesn't have to be a floral designer to create a beautiful, cheery gift of flowers for a child. Experiment with flower placement, containers or container covers and anyone can have the fun of making a lovely, floral gift for that special child.

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