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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cloth Diapering: Tried and Tested

This post is part of my All About Cloth Series, where I answer common - and not so common - questions about cloth diapering. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered, drop me a line.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I knew I would be cloth diapering, for a multitude of reasons, so I looked up stores to buy diapers near where I was staying and was off to see their selection.
Sadly, the store I ended up in only had two different brands and only sold prefolds and fitteds with covers, so I made the mistake of buying my entire diaper stash in the same brand, purely on sight. I ended up with 5 small covers, 5 medium covers (as the shop owner had made a mistake, which I only found out when my daughter was 6 months old), 18 inserts, 18 small diapers and 18 large diapers.
As my entire stash was still sitting in a container somewhere since our last move, I knew I had to get new cloth. But this time I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. This time I would try out lots of options and buy them second hand. An additional benefit is that now I can share my experience with you and let you know which diapers worked for me.
So here’s a list of my favorites (for now). These is my personal opinion, I am in no way paid or sponsored to promote these brands.


Nature Babies
I have two kinds of covers so far that I really like, one is a Tweedlebug and the other is the Nature Babies Essential wrap. The Nature Babies is just plain white, and while I do prefer patterned or at least colorful nappies, these two wee the nicest fabrics and best in use. Both of them are velcro. The Tweedlebug is pretty small in size.

My absolute favorite fitted is one from Rainshine Design. It’s a cotton jersey nappy with a cute dog pattern and snaps, velour inner. It fits well and dries very easily. Comes with a very absorbent double insert (snaps to the diaper).

I also like:
The Motherease Sandy's nappies are also quite decent, though a little more bland than the ones I’ve listed, the small is a very generous size.

BTP fitteds
I often find it’s hard to get a good fit in Birth to Potty (or One size) diapers, but these two are great diapers and do fit well from newborn to bigger bubs:
  • Tots Bots Stretchies: the stretch really makes the diaper fit well, even on small babies, and the fabric is super soft. Quick drying too!
  • Babee Greens Growing Greens Hemp/Organic Cotton: I got this diaper for a review and am really pleased with it. The system is very ingenious. The diaper comes with an insert that is used on its own in the earlier stage. Drying time is a bit longer than for the TB, but still reasonable.
Consider that BTP fitteds are a little more bulky than sizd fitteds, so if you’re using them, you may want to get a larger cover.

I really like AIO’s for nights and outings, as they’re super easy to use. These are my favorite ones so far:
Bitty D'lish - red
  • Bitty D’Lish: They are gorgeous, with soft minky outers and come in pretty colors, they also dry fast for an AIO. Sizings are pretty small though.
  • Bambooty: Also fast drying, but like the D’lish ones, pretty small in sizing.
I also tried some different brand pockets, but so far had no luck with them. I also discovered that - in general - I prefer sized nappies (apart from the two fitteds I listed), as they are a lot less prone to leakage. I will be updating this list as I try other brands.



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