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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cloth Diapering Lingo: A List of Terms and Abbreviations

This post is part of my All About Cloth Series, where I answer common - and not so common - questions about cloth diapering. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered, drop me a line.

If you venture online to ask about cloth, buy or sell some, you’ll inevitably be launched into a world of strange abbreviations and unknown terms. In order to avoid the feeling that you suddenly need to learn Klingon, here’s a list to get you through the first uncomfortableness, and I’m sure you’ll be abbreviating yourself in no time.

  • AIO: All In One: A diaper system that’s as easy as a disposable diaper. You basically have only one thing to snap or scratch on.
  • SIO: Snap In One: Itty Bitty system where you snap the insert to a cover and end up with something similar to an AIO. Generally there’s more than one kind of insert available, so you are able to adjust your diaper on the level of absorbance
  • AI2: All in two: quite similar to SIO, but with other brands.
  • SS: Side Snaps: This kind of diaper snaps shut on the side instead of the front
  • HL: Holden’s Landing: Brand
  • BG: BumGenius: Brand
  • ME: Motherease: Brand
  • TB: Tots Bots: Brand
  • CD: Cloth Diaper or Cloth Diapering
  • EC: Elimination Communication or Natural Infant Hygiene: Where the parent decyphers the baby’s cues to use the potty from infancy
  • Fitted: diaper in need of wrap
  • Wrap: outer shell in a three part diapering system
  • Cover: see wrap
  • OS: One Size
  • BTP: Birth to potty: same as one size
  • S: small
  • M: medium
  • L: Large
  • ISO: In Search Of
  • EUC: Excellent used condition
  • GUC: Good used condition
  • Wetbag: bag to contain soiled nappies, generally made with a visible or inner layer of PUL
  • Prefold: Square of fabric that folds into a convenient nappy size
  • Pocket: Diaper made up of an water resistant outer and a sewed in inner, which together forms a pocket where one or multiple inserts can be inserted
  • Insert: Rectangular or hour glass shaped fabric to place inside the nappy for higher absorbency
  • Liner: can either be an insert, or a paper liner. A paper liner is an additional layer of soft paper, put directly against baby’s skin to shield the diaper from poo. these are generally flushable.

Find out all about existing cloth diaper systems. I hope I covered all terms and abbreviations, drop me a line if I’ve forgotten something.



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