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Friday, March 23, 2012

And the Winners Are...

The winner to the Babee Greens giveaway is Christine M tubbyTelly, she will receive one growing greens Hemp/organic cotton diaper.

The winners to the EcoAlternatives giveaway are Mor Morotsblommor and Karen Worrall, they will each receive a sampler pack.

The winner to the Applesauce Crafts giveaway is Abbie Neary, she will receive a 50USD gift certificate.

The winners to the Myllymuksut Oy giveaway are Jeri Thurber and Dedra, they'll each receive a trial pack.

All brands have been informed an will get back to you.




  1. Hi. Very excited to see my name as a winner (babee greens). Will the company contact me via email for shipping info?


  2. Oh Wow! Awesome to win the Applesauce crafts giveaway.Thank you for the giveaways and great posts.
    Abbie N


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