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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Are We Crushing Creativity (Rerun)

How many times do we parents interfere with our children's creativity and divergent thinking? Generally, our meddling is well-intended, we think we need to point out how it should be done. Sometimes it is because of what our children do does not align with our taste or our preconception of things.
I have heard parents tell their children not to use a certain color because it is not a pretty color. Or, undermine their children's musical potential because the noise is getting on their nerves. But these are extreme examples.

I think all of us happen to point out 'the right way' to our child on occasion, but shouldn't we allow them the liberty to discover their likes on their own? Shouldn't we be encouraging their creative use of things instead.

So mind yourself when you're saying: "this goes here", "that's how you play it" or "why don't you use a pencil now?". Let them try, let them make a mess, allow them to do something that doesn't sit well with your taste or style. Have them explore and explain the rules only when they come to you.

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  1. There is a lot to be said for standing back and seeing what evolves. Who says the sky is blue and the grass is green anyway?! Children need the freedom to explore without interference to be able to develop their imagination.

  2. I find I have always had an easy time allowing my kids to develop their creative side (maybe this is because I grew up with a father who was an art teacher?!) But what has been frustrating me is my oldest son will bring artwork home from school with comments written in the corner by his teacher that say something like "not kindergarten coloring." I think it is ridiculous to have a grading criteria for coloring...especially in kindergarten!


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